download (1)Sodium metasilicates offer the convenience of sodium silicate and sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) in an easy to handle, free-flowing bead.  Available in both anhydrous and pentahydrate forms, sodium metasilicates are the workhorse ingredients in detergents and cleaning products. The unique combination of silica and alkalinity in METSO metasilicates ensures effective cleaning in powder, tablet, liquid and block detergent formulations.

The high alkalinity of METSO provides cleaning through saponification of fatty soil and emulsification of oily and greasy soil. METSO sodium metasilicate lowers the interfacial tension and thus boosts the cleaning performance of the surfactant system.The metal cleaning, industrial and institutional cleaning, textile and food processing industries all utilize metasilicates for the superior physical and chemical properties. Metasilicates are also used to manufacture specialty cements for the drilling industry and to deflocculate clays.

Used as reactant for:
• Hydrothermal preparation of thorium uranium silicate (Th1-xUxSiO4) uranothorite solid solutions
• Fabrication of dense NaA zeolite coatings
• Reactant for preparation of tungsten modified silica as catalyst for liquid phase oxidation of styrene