Sodium Silicates and Potassium Silicates have proven to be cost-effective and environmentally-responsible high-performing chemicals in numerous oilfield applications, including drilling fluids, cementing and enhanced oil recovery.    

Silicate-Based Drilling Fluids
It has been known since the 1920s that water-based drilling fluids formulated with potassium or sodium silicate provide superior shale stability, regardless of shale type.  Eighty years later, silicates are still recognized as the most effective water-based shale inhibitor.  Silicates are non-toxic and one of the few oil field chemicals that can be beneficial to the environment both on-land and offshore. 

Oilwell Cement
The design and placement of an effective cementing system is critical to the commercial success of every oil and gas well.  A quality cementing job not only provides a strong bond between casing and formation but also seals off the formation and protects the pipe. soluble silicates allow oilwell cements to be formulated to meet these challenges.   KEMAK produces a wide range of both liquid and powder sodium silicates.