11091 blackAl Amreya for chemicals and detergents ‘’kemak’’ specialized in the production of silicates and detergents established in the late 90s is considered one of earliest custom-made silicates producer in the Middle East. The company’s main aim at the beginning was targeting the Egyptian markets only. However by the time due to ensuring the best quality with adequate prices and rapid increase in customer satisfaction, the company’s goal changed to targeting international markets increasing its monthly production from 500 MT/Month to 1000 MT/month in the past few years and expecting a similar increase in the upcoming couple of years.

Our products are quality tested according to the’’ PQ corp’’ standards which is considered the leading silicate production company.

sodium silicate was firstly used in 1861 as a builder to replace rosin in soap formulations.

Sodium silicate was made then as now by fusing sand and sodium carbonate in a high temperature furnace. Today, silicates are used in a diverse portfolio of applications. They are used in the manufacture of high-end fluidized catalytic cracking catalysts, complex silica gels for removal of impurities from foods and beverages and as a base for the manufacture of precipitated silica for tires, toothpaste and tennis shoes. The environmentally friendly nature of silicate makes it the perfect solution for on and off shore drilling fluid applications as well as for treatment of our municipal water sources. There is no doubt that the applications for this versatile product will continue to expand in the future.